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I've been to Graham Hills the past two weekends, I've gotta say that it got better the second time 'round. I've learned that there is certainly merit in riding a track almost immediately after you've done it the first time. Two weekends ago, I went with friends and by the time we reached the bottom of the monstrous uphill, I was completely spent. I felt sick, I barely had any strength to push my bike uphill, much less ride anymore. This was a largely due to poor preparation on my part. I didn't eat much beforehand, and I only shoved a miserable energy bar into my mouth at the bottom of that uphill. Plus, my brakes were shot and I was using these terrible stock Bontrager tires that came with my bike. I had a terrible time.

The upside was that we ran into quite a few people, maybe some of the are here at this forum. There was a cool girl on a mocha-colored Raleigh who powered up that hill like nobody's business. We stopped and chatted with some dude on a SC Bullit who assured us that the downhill run would be quite fun. And we watched in appreciation as two riders on burly Cannondales bombed downhill past us as we were going uphill as if their bikes had wings or something.

But Saturday's return to Graham Hills was a much better ride for me. I wasn't even tired when the ride was done. I was better prepared this time. I had a pair of IRC Mythos XC tires on that went like the holy hammers. Mud didn't even slow me down! I got new brake pads that worked like a dream and was completely silent the whole time! Having ridden the trail once, I was now better acquainted with what was coming next. At the same time, I fell a lot more, too. I'm scrapes and bruises like it's a fashion statement. But with each tumble, I had the strength to pick myself up, back up, get on the bike and try it again. Most embarrassing tumble came when I was going too slow over the log bridge on the way out to the parking lot. Got stuck, fell off the bridge over to the left side. Bike on the bridge, me in the ditch. Superb. But I got back on the bridge, stuck the bike in a higher gear and plowed right over it, not giving a crap this time. And I made it work.

And now I'm torn about next week. Do I go somewhere else - like Sprain Brook or Blue Mountain - or do I go back to Graham Hills and try and get even better? Thing is, I'm out of riding buddies next week, so going to some place I've never been to before on my own might not be such a hot idea.

I'm not sure why I posted this. In the mood to tell a story, I guess.

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You Spinwheelz - Out of all the places in the area, I've yet to get to Graham Hills. I might be off work this Friday (not set yet) and would love an early tour. Otherwise I'll probably head to Sprain Ridge.
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