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Hey Everyone in Shockland,

I have a Pivot Carbon Mach 429 that I have been trying to dial in the psi settings on my front fork and rear shock. I mostly use the bike for 10-30 mile rides around the various trails near San Diego including Lake Hodges, Cuyamaca, Noble Canyon, Rancho Penasquitos, Daily Ranch, San Juan, Caldera, etc. None of these trails are what I would consider technical in the sense of having large drop-offs (and none that i would want to take anyway as I am a mere 43 years of age). I describe my riding as a hybrid of "sensible" trail / XC.

The front fork is the Fox Factory Float 32 CTD series, 120mm. The rear is from the same series, and has 100mm of travel. I am 225 lbs fully kitted. I have read in several forums that psi should really be set to utilize the full travel length of both front and rear suspension - which I am currently not getting using the suggested settings from Fox, as well as setting sag in the prescribed manner from Fox. The results of these methods cause a very harsh ride without utilizing the full fork travel (O-ring is usually at 3/4 after a full day of riding), and because the psi is so high, skipping across trails that have lots of small - medium sized rocks (i.e., downhill sections from Middle Peak at Cuyamaca); or when trying to clean rock gardens that require handling of the bike other than going straight ahead. BTW: Rebound is set properly for these pressure settings so this isn't a rebound issue.

For example, the settings for my ride yesterday at Cuyamaca (25 mile 2500ft of climbing but also lots of downhill) were 90 front, 180 back (psi) which is less than the factory suggested settings. On the downhill sections that I absolutely crushed last time I was there with my Trek Rumblefish Elite, I was much more tentative on my Pivot. This trail has a ton of small-medium sized jagged rocks and speeds down these sections can reach 25-30 mph. The bike just felt like it wanted to slide out from underneath me with my hypothesis being the suspension pressure was set too high.

Took the bike out today and set the front to 70 psi front, and 150 psi back and things were MUCH better without bottoming out the shocks either front or back (almost, but not quite). Cleaned a rock garden that usually gives me trouble. But I feel like for a clyde, that these psi settings are pretty low. However, I felt much better with these new settings today. Nice compliance to largish rocks, yet the bike didn't wallow when I was hitting the flats or going uphill.

So - what's up? Any ideas? Does 70 psi front 150 psi rear seem low for 225 lbs kitted? Depends on style of riding and aggression level? Any other clydes out there that run psi levels similar to mine? Thanks for your thoughts in advance.
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