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I will be on a family vacation during the first week of August in Glenwood Springs. Can anyone tell me about some good trails around the area? A few years ago I rode the Boy Scout Trail starting from the town; it connected with other trails/fire roads. This was a really good trail. I also rode the trail from Red Canyon Road; I don’t think we really connected up with the Boy Scout Trail from that side. We were looking for some caves that we never found. I probably made a few wrong turns. This is the type of riding we would like to find. We are fairly strong XC riders (climbing is fun?).

We also rode Schofield Road to Crystal, to Leadking Basin, then over the top and back down to Schofield Road. That was fun for fireroad type stuff. Is Schofield Pass to Crested Butte a good ride? How long does this take? I hear there are some other decent trails like Transfer Trail (we may have been on this) and Mushroom Rocks out of Carbondale. We won’t have time for any epics (I wish we did), just a few hours here and there.

Thanks for your help.
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