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This ride is the one that gave me new respect!

I have climbed to 10000 feet on the Grand Teton in winter at 40 below, my thermomter broke from cold - the fluid was trying to go through the bottom of the bulb! :eek: and we abandoned the climb attempt.

But this:
• At 25 degrees below, the suspension seat post on his bike froze solid.

• At 30 degrees below, the headsets on the bikes started to freeze, making it hard to turn the handlebars.

• At 40 degrees below, the tube failures started.

• At 47 degrees below, the plastic head on his tire pump shattered.

• At 52 degrees below, the headsets on the bikes became so stiff that the handlebars wouldn't turn more than 10 degrees.

• At 55 degrees below and colder, it was time to forget riding and start pushing, because tubes wouldn't hold up at these temperatures and patching them was impossible.

• And at 60 degrees below, the only thing that mattered were the words of Stuck:

"One must keep going."

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That's absolutely incredible. It's amazing what the human body can endure with drive and determination. Thanks for sharing Slocaus:thumbsup:
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