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brd said:
Anyone know the height range for riders of an 2002 Specialized Enduro size XL?
I'm wondering if its big enough for a 6'9" guy.

You'd be the tallest guy I've heard of on an Enduro. Our XL frames are pretty big, but you are going to be on the outside end of fitting.

The best thing is to test ride one and see if you can make it work.

Jake Wake

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Even with a Thomson 410mm seatpost you are probably really gonna be pushing the limits. I am "only" 6'4", riding an '06 Stmpjumper FSR, and I put a 410mm Thomson on mine almost immediately. I am not too far from the minimum insertion marks. Additionally the handlebar is going to end up WAAAAYYY below your saddle. I have already replaced my stem and have ordered a new 1.5" rise bar to even things up a tad.

FWIW, I rode an XL Enduro and it felt very similar to what I have now.

Like what has been suggested, find a shop with an XL and take a spin. Watch your leg extension.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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