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May 02, 2005

Man Suffers Fatal Heart Attack After Biking Cross Country

Broc Bebout's ticket to nearly 20 years of good health after quadruple-bypass surgery at age 39 was found on his bike.* On Thursday he had just completed a grueling 2,400-mile cross-country trek from Carlsbad, California, to Brunswick, Georgia and was in a van with some other riders and was heading back to his Anderson, Indiana home.

While the other bikers were napping after their ride, the van driver says he looked in the rear view mirror and saw Bebout struggling.* "He was struggling, not breathing," Janech Davenport, director of the group that organized the trip said. "His spirit was gone. Whatever made Broc was gone."

He died about 8 a.m. Thursday near Smyrna, Tenn.

The Washington Post notes that Bebout sent an e-mail to his wife Wednesday before a celebratory steak dinner, and in that note Bebout described what the trip had meant to him:

"An incredible experience with incredible people."

"It was a trip of a lifetime," Brinkman said. "We all have a list of things we like to say we did. That was right up there at the top."

Broc Bebout was 57 years old.
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