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I'm posting this up on behalf of a good friend who's just been injured.

We are part of a group of expats living/riding in Seoul, South Korea, the Filthy Freeriders. He is very active in this community, out riding and trailbuilding every weekend. You've never met a nicer, more selfless, more down-to-earth guy.

He was commuting by bicycle from work to home the other night, and was struck head on by a kid driving a food delivery scooter turning left in front of him.

Serious head injuries. Has had 2 surgeries on his skull/brain already, and is currently in ICU, in an induced coma.

His parents have just flown in from New Zealand, and are dealing as best as they can.

Our local riding group is doing what we can for him, organizing fund raisers for him and his family.

Any help from fellow riders would be very greatly appreciated.
Every little bit helps them out right now.

A shittier situation couldn't have happened to a nicer guy.

Cressy Wells Fund by Lance Graney - GoFundMe

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