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Ride tomorrow 11/12 conditions

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Hi all, I’ve been in the Asheville area riding gravel with my lady friend for the past few days and it’s been amazing. Tomorrow is the only day in our itinerary that allows me to go solo and actually do a real trail ride but it looks like it’s gonna rain all night.

Is there any trail network that drains better than others and will be appropriately rideable tomorrow morning after a night of rain?

Do y’all just ride wet trails here? I’m all for trail stewardship but if the locals are riding wet trails I have no problem getting muddy.

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things working in your favor:

it's been pretty dry for awhile
everything I've seen from the forecast is that the rain is supposed to be pretty light

those things said, microclimates are very real here. so the amount of rain seen at any specific area/trailhead is likely to be different than at others. keeping your plans fluid and checking the precip maps tomorrow morning, then going wherever it rained the least is one pretty safe strategy.

the rockiest trails handle lots of rain the best. unfortunately, some of the rockiest trails (Farlow & Daniel's specifically) were hammered by epic rain earlier this year and the cleanup efforts haven't even reached those areas yet. they're accessible, but that access is somewhat limited and there are washouts and landslides and whatnot to contend with.
awesome, yeah I’m totally flexible. Thanks for the info
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