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I've just started seriously training in preparation for my first (and perhaps last) race. I've been on the bike for just about six months, and one of our local trails has a GAAP race at the end of August. So I've been trying to get myself psyched to do the entire trail, after only riding half of it for months.

I have great pals to ride with and they all offer encouragement and advice, including the husband, and especially CarolinaGrl. Anywho, this is about my most consistent ride partner, Gordon. Gordon goes on every ride with me. We're attached at the hip, so to speak. No, it doesn't make my husband jealous...not in the least.

Today, while trying to clear some roots in a weird off camber climb, I fell. It's nothing new, but this time the blow was softened by my ride partner. He tried to take the brunt of the blow, tried to keep my chain ring from digging craters into my leg (one of those weird falls where you manage to slide down the bike and into the ring...). Well, he succeeded. He took much of the blow. However...we're so close, so attached, that the craters hurt me as much as they hurt him...



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