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I took out placename references and route descriptions because I noticed bikers have been shuttling the western end of the route - pretty crappy thing to do.

I like biking in the alpine but recognize that it can't take a lot of traffic - I'd feel pretty bad if this place started getting the shuttle crowd.

Some pics are here:

Just the start of the climb before the FSR gets really steep

Slide alder fun - Im sure this keeps a bunch of people away

Nice vertical km drop down to the Chilliwack valley if you ride off to the south/left


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Where are the igloos and meese? That's not Canuckland. No way.

I might squeek in a few days in your hood in September. Watch out.

p.s. Nice pix, for a lawyer.

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Great looking ride. These two pics just make me want to move to Canadia and ride all the time... well at least the three months of the year that are rideable. ;)

Very cool.... made even more tasty by having earned the down.


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