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Ride @ DD Friday Morning

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Me & MonkeyBoy are riding out of the Northern Parking lot Friday (tomorrow)
Feet in Pedals @ 6 riding till 7:15
-short but sweet (we like to climb)

Post if interested or I'll be in the beautiful(to me) white Ranger w/ black Stumjumper
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I'll probably skip since the drive to and from is longer than the ride. Thanks for the invite though and have a great ride.
I made it!

Needed a ride, so I launched from 40th St. at 5:35 am and headed over to DD to meet the boys. I went via the Zipper, then down the Snake (aka Black Diamond or Ledges), then to DD parking lot.

We did the Lower Mine trail, then headed across T100 to the bottom of the Snake, then north along the bottom of the west side of the 220 ridge, did the nice goat trail under that ridge, up the switchbacks by the houses, back down the other side of the ridge, over to the saddle at the west end of the Porc Rim section, up the steep hike-a-bike, then down the nice downhill to the Zipper, then around that hill at the very north part of the park by 40th St. (where I saw the large group last weekend), up that hill, then down the west side of it. We then split so I could head back to 40th St. and the boys could head back to DD.

Nice ride - short, but sweet. Extremely anaerobic...
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