Do you sometimes long for a no-compromise casual bike shoe? In our view, that's a shoe that you can wear all day, hop on a commuter bike, hit the dirt jumps, extend the ride to a real trail, and not feel held back. It goes on too. What if you drive to the trailhead on the same shoe, do some digging, ride for three hours, kick some rocks (accidentally) and go to the brewery and get complimented about your footwear.

That is a tall order indeed and that's the gold standard Ride Concepts was aiming for when they designed the Vice shoe. If you're familiar with Ride Concepts, they're an upstart company based in Reno, NV and they've invested heavily in the flat shoe market attacking the category with technology along with athletic and youth sponsorships. They're great shoes but some of the early releases were a little too hard and protective while other offerings looked a bit bulky for streetwear duties.

Stepping stones along the way and Ride Concepts has incorporated lessons learned in this new Vice Shoe. We've had this shoe for about a month and have about 500 miles on it already. There are ebikes in the stable and the Shelter In Place orders have opened up opportunities to ride almost every day from home. These rides have varied from grocery trips, pump track sessions to 30-mile opportunistic epic rides. One never knows what the day offers up in terms of riding so it's good to be ready. And that may be the best attribute of these shoes.

Versatility is its forte​

It looks like a cool suede shoe all day but when I jammed my foot under a root or nailed a rock in mid pedal stroke, I'm reminded that this shoe is well protected as I feel a lot of pressure, a bit of pin but after two minutes, completely normal. That's the sign that it was a big impact but the shoe took care of its protective duties. It has a great feedback too so one can feel the trail and the traction. This comes in handy when driving the vehicle and braking on those twisty mountain roads. Three-mile hike? It's not ideal but it works, especially on rocky terrain where a lot of support comes in handy.

And the $100 price tag is very, very reasonable.

The shoe is one of two (sometimes three) contact points so it is crucial.​


  • • RC Fuzion outsole features sloped-angle inverse hexagons, varying in diameter from 9mm at the toe and heel to 7mm at the pedal contact area
  • • Rubber Kinetics | DST 6.0 HIGH GRIP rubber outsole Suede upper is durable and protective
  • • Cup outsole design features 3mm EVA for additional shock absorption and comfort
  • • Perforated ventilation for breathability
  • • TPU toe protection and rubber toe cap
  • • Fully gusseted tongue prohibits intake of dirt and debris
  • • D3O High Impact Zone Technology insole absorbs impact

Technology is hidden beneath the style.​

Tech notes:

Vice introduces our exclusive RC Fuzion outsole- an inverse hexagon pattern designed to bring the pedal closer to the rider.
Sloped-angle inverse hexagons, varying in diameter from 9mm at the toe and heel to 7mm at the pedal contact area, allow the pedal to "inject" into the outsole for that "connection" we all seek in bike. It seems to mate will with all kinds of pedals. And it survived many sessions with our OneUp Components aluminum pedals that have dagger-like pins.


Men's & Women's:
$100 MSRP US | $150 MSRP CAD | €100 RRP Europe | £89.95 SRP UK Youth:
$80 MSRP US | $130 MSRP CAD | €80 RRP Europe | £64.95 SRP UK