Ride Concepts is a fascinating brand based in Reno, NV born out of the need to deliver high-performance, comfortable and affordable shoes for flat shoe shredders as well as kids and beginners. They've introduced a comprehensive array of shoes ranging from high-performance DH shoes to more casual ones. Today, they introduced the Ride Concepts Vice Mid Andreau Lacondeguy version.

I've had the chance to use it now for several weeks and have some notes to share. The early shoes I've tried from Ride Concepts have been very protective, stiff, and suited for aggressive riding. Sizing was a little off at times and the trail feel was a bit muted. This VICE Mid is on the other side of the spectrum with a great fit and feel for the trail. And it honestly looks like a casual shoe, stylish enough with its suede finish for any post-ride outing.

Fit is good with a nice wide toe box that is low so it doesn't feel cavernous for my toes. It's not long for me but my toes never hit the front of the shoe because of the width and the supportive tongue that keeps my feet in place. There is no 'slipping this shoe on' for me as I have to absolutely unlace each time because of the fit. The heel area is very supportive but they don't get in the way which is usually the case for me with mid-top shoes.

Riding, it is pretty intuitive. It looks like I'm riding a street shoe but have very good support all around. Something I experienced is I had great control of the bike because the shoe is so snug. Heel movements and front foot movements are transmitted into the bike without a lot of play. Jumping and going through rocks, the shoe felt protective without any harshness that would stress any 'Vans' type shoe. And a cool revelation is I had a great feel for the trail. The shoes were communicative and I could feel what was going on with the bike and the trail to help me make adjustments.

Hiking and off the bike, the shoe was a champ. Very good articulation and bend allowed me to walk comfortably.

On the downside, The sole of the some is flexy without a stiff shank so I suspect a big, wide pedal is best for it. Also, I won't be taking this to Northstar or Downieville where I need more rock protection. And finally, I felt I was beating up the suede finish as I got the shoe wet and muddy.

But I'm pleased with the Vice. I'm a huge fan of clothing that doesn't call attention to itself and gear that I can use on and off the bike.

From Ride Concepts

Reaffirming his undying loyalty to the dirt, Andreu Lacondeguy returns to the most fundamental element on Earth with the new VICE Mid and a signature colorway.
VICE Mid was developed with Andreu Lacondeguy and our athletes who desire a mid-top upper for added protection and support without deviating from uncompromising pedal feel and lifestyle aesthetic.
A veteran of the freeride mountain bike scene, Lacondeguy continues to innovate and dominate competitions such as Red Bull Rampage and Loose Fest with his signature aggressive style and big moves; his love of dirt is unmatched. His VICE Mid Charcoal/Black signature colorway reflects his unique style and personality and equals it with an on-bike function.

“Having a signature color with VICE Mid is something I didn’t want to pass on,” said Lacondeguy. “It's a shoe that protects your ankles, has grip at high speed and you still feel every pin on your pedals. I like to ride fast and go big, but I also need to feel my pedals and this shoe has it all!” - Andreu


Like its little brother that debuted last summer, VICE Mid uses our RC Fuzion outsole – an inverse, gradient diameter hexagon pattern designed to bring the pedal closer to the rider. Sloped-angle inverse hexagons, varying in diameter from 9mm at the toe and heel to 7mm at the pedal contact area, allow the pedal to “inject” into the outsole for unrivaled sensitivity.
Combined with the proprietary Rubber Kinetics | DST 6.0 HIGH GRIP rubber compound, the optimum balance of grip, durability, and pedal feel is achieved.
The mid-cut height of the durable, suede upper and internal TPU toe cap provides additional protection, and a D3O insole with High Impact Zone Technology under the ball of the foot and heel absorbs impacts when things go wrong.

5_Tech_Features_1.png 6_Tech_Features_2.png

VICE Mid is available in US sizes 7-13 and UK 6-12.
VICE MID Pricing - $120 MSRP US | $180 MSRP CAD

More information: Ride Concepts | Premium Performance Footwear for Mountain Biking