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Ride at Hashawah

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Westminster for an easier way to say it...Smitty, Sanders and myself went there to ride today...none of us have ever ridden there so we didn't know what to expect...well it had some MUD and it's a pretty fast trail system if your on XC bikes...Sanders and I rode our DH bikes...darn those up hills aren't easy, but I'm very impressed with Sanders pedaling those hills...they have a very cool "Predator" area...bald eagle, turkey vulture, horned owl, barred owl, kestrel, and red tail hawks...very cool...of course having lived in the north west before bald eagles were pretty common up there, but to Sanders and Smitty I think it was pretty cool for them to sure topped the day...and then there was MUD!!!! Cant say it enough...:)
some pictures:

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good time as always Ed and Steve ! That eagle was awesome!
Ed, that phone of yours takes some decent pics! Thanks for printing the trail map and pointing us in the right directions. :D

Sander, thanks for the Mexican and hope you De-Mudd that Horse! :p

Fun ride. Weather was nice. I can see Hashawa being a nice small trail system when the leaves are not down and not so muddy. We will have to go back up again. Where should we explore next? New places to ride ROck!

Damn my 6'4 self looks big on my bike crossing that stream! Can we say NINER.... :eek: :idea:
Ed, trust me when I say..... I am have been drooling in that thread since it started! The Jet9 seems like it would be a awsome bike for me in a XL frame size with the components I like.

I know they are selling a few bikes as complete but assume they will be going back to just frames once they are gone? Price tag is a touch more then I want to spend but the bike and guys at the company seem to be top notch and know what they are doing. I wish I could ride a XL, but I doubt there are Demo's anywhere. I see Avalon is the only local dealer. Might have to stop in and talk to them. Who should I talk to there? :eek:

Sure you dont feel sick and can make a noonish ride tomorrow? :p
I figured you'd be drooling...hahaha, hooked ya!!!!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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