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Ride advice for a flatlander?

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Hey everyone here is the situation. My family is taking a good old fashioned road trip to the Silverthorne/Dillon area.

We are looking for some local rides within a half hour to an hour (at the most) away. We can do some pretty technical xc/am stuff. We will be doing a day or two at keystone and a day at vail for some lift access singletrack action. What we are most looking for is some easy (perhaps shuttlable?) singletrack. We aren't downhillers by any means but singletrack that flows really nice would be awesome. My mom isn't huge on technical stuff, shes got the stoke for an awesome ride but not really in shape, and she shys away from techy sections. Also I think the altitude will be a ride killer for us mid-westerners.

Anyway any help/advice would be awesome

Thanks in advance
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I am trying to think of some pretty technical but not technical, xc but shuttle-able, but not downhill, non-techy AM rides in the area. I am drawing a blank...

Just teasing. Some of the greens and blues at Keystone are very flowy and fun, ditto Winter Park. Stay off the brakes and have fun!
yea lol I guess I did contradict myself. We will be hitting key and possibly winter park 1 or 2 days but for local rides, after some research I found

Soda Creek and Salt Lick in Silverthorne/Dillon
Aqueduct in keystone
Flume loop in breck

Anyone ridden those trails? I found pretty good descriptions and they look awesome. Or any other opinions for rides in the area?
I have ridden Peaks trail from Frisco and it was fun, but if your family is not acclimated or in good cardio condition you might want to leave them behind on that one, since the climbing is fairly steep at of course you start around 9000ft. Fun trail though, pretty fast/technical descent (we did and out and back). You can also hit the little BMX park on the way in/out, which is nice.
Just about everything is open. Those are all great trails, so it's a good start. Peaks would be more fun from Breck as you just have a little climbing out of Breck, then it's mostly downhill to Frisco. Check out trails from the Dredge TH out on Tiger Rd. There is also some fun stuff up on Boreas Pass Rd (Baker's Tank, Barney Ford, Moonstone...and with a little more work Pinball Alley and Nightmare on Baldy.)

Best of luck and have fun!
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