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Ridding through 3 inches of water = fun.

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I rode out to a local pizza/sub shop and while I was there we had a torrential downpour. The rain didnt stop so I started riding back in the rain. On the way back I noticed that the high school track was totaly flooded and decided to ride across it. Man was it fun. It privides some nice resistance too. Anyway... heres the pics.

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You could make a fortune doing Clorox bleach commercials you dirt bag...
Just trying to help you build a future so you can buy more bikes, Ride on dude.
P.S. they make tub and tile cleaner as well... :p
Lol. uhm, maybe you should by black clothes instead of white?

Anyone having a sale on grease so you can repack those hubs? :D
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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