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RFX's on Eagle's Nest

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RRB and I hit Eagle's Nest in Cascade, ID since it was on our way back from her family reunion in Donnelly, ID... Eagle's Nest is typical Idaho riding. 1.5 hours of climbing for 30 minutes of descending... Nothing too rocky or technical... Just tight, fast and swoopy for 5 or 6 miles (2600 feet drop)... Totally fun!

Climbing out from the valley was 2 miles of road and about 6 or 7 miles of fire road and a little bit of singletrack... Fortunately good company makes the climb very tolerable in the heat... Oh yeah, and the view didn't hurt either...

Then the fun starts....

Why it's called Eagle's Nest....
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Thanks for the directions Flip. Rode it this morning as an out-and-back = RAD!
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