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Hi all, I think this may be my first post here.
I'm using a Roco TST R on my small RFX. I've got it mounted upside down and had the issues associated with TST lever hitting the down tube. I removed the TST lever, got rid of the spring and bearing in the lever, and mounted it in reverse. It works well in this position, i can reach it from my riding position etc. Obviously you loose the 'indexing' that the ball and spring provides but I only use the TST in CL, DS or somewhere between the two anyhow.
Might be worth a try.

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Jerk_Chicken said:
Is the ROCO really worth all this trouble to make it fit?
It's not a huge issue on my frame, just scrapes the paint. But to answer your question, I really haven't cared for any of the platform shocks I've tried. So if not for the roco, I'd probably rock one of the old-school vanilla RC's, or maybe an avalanche, but certainly not anything with pro-pedal or any other sort of platform.

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It's hard for me to say if it's worth - I had like 3-4 rides on it. Here are my first impressions:

1. plush. Roco with steel spring works like DHX 5.0 coil with Ti
2. TST works great, locks the rear just like ProPedal yet with less effort (5 positions lever instead of 15 clicks knob)
3. heavy (7.5"x2" + 500lbs steels spring weights 895g), Ti spring necessary
4. clearance issue solved (thanks for the hint [email protected]). You don't have to take off indexing spring and ball, just unscrew one bolt and switch the lever by 180 deg. Pictures below. Last one shows the lever in central position (12 o'clock which is now 6 o'clock). The sticker on the shock is not accurate any more, but since You can't see it while operating the lever - it doesn't matter at all, right ? ;)

Soon I'll get Ti spring and put some additional impressions here.

Take care everybody,


PS. I don't care about political correctness, so Happy Eastern for all of You guys ! Those who are not Christians - just feel as if You got best wishes for next few days without any particular reason ;) .


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Awesome info guy's! Tom, neat idea, I like ya thinking!

serhij great post info and piccs dude props & chur..

Just a thought and note when reading through this, always keep frame size in mind and years now, just helps if we have different said etc!

Toms rocking a small RFX not sure which year Serhij a large 06, great info guy's!

I emailed my Marz importer never even got a reply! anyways when time comes I think a roco tst will be the choice for my Med 06 RFX makeover project next year..Its what I love about the current Turners just about anyone can add new suspension other components and basically have a new ride, and instead of buying a replacement, and ya can add another Turner in the stable if ya feel the need for something new:thumbsup:

JC I think thats another thing lots of Homies like is messing around as long as it can be done, I wouldn't want to end up with a shock that didn't fit for example then we don't mind the dremel, or taking a spanner to our bikes, for some sort of modification.

I do like the the Dremel...;)

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