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RF Turbine chainrings compatibility

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I'am wondering if RF Turbine chainrings, I'am talking about this version , are compatible with FC-M760 (Deore XT) crankset? Maybe somebody have experience with them. Do you know claimed weight?
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BCD wise, yes. They run the 104/64mm diameter. I think the ring spacings are the same too. XTR has something a little strange with the placement of their granny ring teeth that means its spaced wrongly on any other crank.......hopefully XT doesn't have this.

Weight wise they are 150g for the 3, no bolts
Thank You eric1115, thats what I'am talking about ;]
No problem... I'm a little surprised that RF doesn't make that table a little more accessible.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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