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Here's a brief review..

Well, with the caveats that you are more inclined to like what you already have, and that I'm no expert, I just got a RacerX 29er and I think its the perfect bike. Especially if you're tall, its worth checking out. I'm 6'4" and ride with BB to saddle of 86cm, and I've never been on a 26 inch bike that fits me as well. Combine that with the 29er ability to roll over stuff easier, and I'm convinced enough to be selling both of my 26 inch bikes on eBay/ classifieds (an XL Heckler and an XL Hammerhead.) The main tradeoffs for the 29er RacerX are that its slightly heavier (still, my bike is 27.3 pounds with a 24 inch seat tube..) and you do notice the increased inertia in accelerating the bigger diameter tires. Once you get up to speed though, spinning along at a healthy clip seems much easier (at least to me.) Anyway,there's a pic of my bike on Speedgoat's site, as well as on the mtbr 29er board gallery. Here's a link to the Speedgoat pic (bike even looks proportional in the large size!):
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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