EVIL is launching the second generation of its hard-hitting 29-inch trail bike, the Offering. The latest version gets subtle geometry updates and a host of other refinements. We spent a couple of months getting reacquainted with the Offering came away impressed by this well-rounded trail slayer.

EVIL Offering Highlights

  • 140mm rear travel/ 150mm front travel
  • coil shock compatible
  • Internal cable routing
  • Two-position geometry adjustment
  • 157x12mm super-boost rear axle spacing
  • Complete bike price range: $5,799 - $8,099
  • Frameset pricing: $3,299
  • Pre-orders available now. Bikes available mid-January 2021
  • For more information visit: https://www.evil-bikes.com/

Evil Offering v 2.0

When it was introduced in 2018, the Offering was the was the most progressive bike in EVIL's line with rangy reach measurements, a steep, climb-friendly seat tube angle, and a trunnion-mounted shock. As many riders know well, so-called "progressive geometry" is a moving target.

Subsequent refreshes to the Wreckoning and Following put this all-arounder at the back of the pack in terms of the EVIL's updated frame silhouette, internal cable routing, and super-boost rear spacing. Still, the Offering wasn't too far off the mark in terms of geometry, which is why the brand used a soft touch with version 2.0.

EVIL Offering

The Offering have 140mm of rear travel supplied by Dave Weagle's DELTA suspension system.​

The second generation Offering gets a slightly steeper seat tube angle, longer reach numbers across the four bike size range, and a slacker head angle paired with a shorter offset fork. The Offering still features 140mm of rear travel supplied by Dave Weagle's DELTA suspension design.

EVIL Offering v 2.0 Geometry

EVIL Offering v 2.0 Geometry​

Looking at the numbers, the refreshed Offering doesn't look that much different. Version 1.0 had a 77-degree seat tube angle as does the new bike. The difference is that this the original Offering only sported this steep seat tube angle with a 140mm fork, which few riders wanted to run. The seat tube angle slackened with a longer-stroke fork. A quick glance through our EVIL forum shows that most Offering owners opt to run 150mm or even 160mm on their bikes. EVIL was quick to recognize this perfecence and adapted the Offering's geometry around longer, 150-160mm forks. Stock Offerings now come with 150mm forks.

In addition to the steeper seat tube angle, the second generation Offering gets longer reach numbers across the four bike size range, and a slacker head angle paired with a shorter offset fork. The Offering still features 140mm of rear travel with a 150mm fork. While suspension travel remains unchanged, EVIL took this opportunity to beef up the main pivot with larger diameter hardware and a wider stance, both of which are intended to bolster frame stiffness.

Suspension kinematics remain unchanged, allowing riders to run an air or coil shock to suit their needs and riding style. Shock sizing is the same as the gen-one Offering, so riders wanting to swap parts over-including expensive ElevenSix coil shocks-will be pleased to know that the new bike uses the same 185x55 trunnion mount shock.

EVIL Offering Ride Review

EVIL Offering

The Offering is purposeful but playful. Photo by Aaron Blatt, @blattphoto​

There have been a lot of bad things about 2020, but one silver lining, at least for mountain bikers, is that brands are pouring resources into their mid-travel machines. After several seasons of developing super-enduro machines, and short-travel trail bikes, the bread and butter segment of the mountain bike market is finally getting the attention it deserves.

The aforementioned bikes are fun, but they're quiver bikes for most of us. Riders who want to invest in a single bike to cover the widest range of terrain are still best served by 140-150mm mountain bikes. The term "all-mountain" may have fallen out of favor when we began riding enduro bikes, but as these machines have become laser-focused on racing, the need for well-rounded mountain bikes has returned. That's just what the Offering is, a Jack-of-all trades, all-mountain rig.

I tested the Offering with SRAM's XO1 Eagle drivetrain, SRAM Code RSC brakes, a 150mm RockShox Lyrik Ultimate fork, RockShox SuperDeluxe shock and Industry Nine's Enduro S Hydra wheelset. This build kit retails for $7,399 and suits the Offering's rowdy trail demeanor perfectly. I appreciated the addition of the stiffer Lyrik, rather than Pike, and the Code brakes over the good, but less powerful Guides.

EVIL Offering

The RockShox Lyrik is a perfect match for the EVIL Offering.​

Like EVIL's other bikes, the Offering features a two-position "Low" and "X-Low" geometry adjustment. Switching from Low to X-Low drops the bottom bracket by 11mm and slackens the head angle by .6-degrees. While I prefered the more relaxed head angle for steep terrain, I spent the majority of time in the Low setting. X-Low is too low for my rocky Colorado trails. If the Offering was my personal bike, I would opt to run EVIL's aftermarket angle set to keep the bottom bracket relatively high while slackening the head angle by 1.5-degrees.

Climbing might not be everyone's favorite part of the ride, but unless you're taking a chairlift, it's where you will spend most of your time. Having a comfortable and efficient companion on the way up means you'll be fresh and alert for the descent. The Offering has always been an efficient pedaler. The steepened seat tube angle and lengthened cockpit improves its climbing abilities, shifting the rider's weight forward and reducing the amount of effort required to maneuver through tight switchbacks. This revised position makes the Offering eager take on rooty, rocky climbs. Where other trail bikes seem to wallow and bog down, the Offering ascends with ease.

Though designed in the loam-filled forests of the Pacific Northwest, the EVIL Offering is incredibly capable of tackling the rocky desert jank I spend most of my time riding. At 5'8", I straddle the boundary between small and medium frame sizes. I opted to test the medium, as it's a better fit for my local terrain. The lengthened wheelbase gives it a composed ride through high-speed rock gardens.

EVIL Offering

Low is low enough for rocky terrain.​

EVIL prides itself on making bikes with fun, energetic personalities. The Offering maintains its poppy, playful demeanor. A good mid-travel bike should never feel like you're over-gunned as long as you can mix up mundane trails with small drops and kickers as you pedal toward more enticing terrain. I sought out every alt-line I could find aboard the Offering and it was always the right choice.

The Offering's fit places the rider smack dab between the axles. This centered position makes small fore and aft weight shifts pay off though corners. I felt like I carried more speed out of turns on the Offering than similar mid-travel trail bikes-a number of Strava PRs appear to support this sensation.

Should Current Offering Owners Upgrade?

EVIL has spiced up a proven recipe for success, but in my opinion, current Offering owner's shouldn't rush out the door to upgrade. Much like the minor tweaks Ibis made to the Ripmo v2, the new Offering is better for many riders, but not everyone. If you're one of the few riders who enjoys the Offering with a 140mm fork, the new bike's updated geometry won't be as meaningful. On the flipside, if you wanted a more aggressive Offering but don't need the extra travel of the Wreckoning, this new bike is for you.

EVIL Offering

The updated Offering features internal cable routing.​

There's also the matter of frame standards. If you have a multiple trail bikes or a garage full of high-end boost wheelsets, the move to 157x12mm super-boost spacing on the rear of the new Offering may be deal breaker. Likewise, some riders may prefer the external routing on the original.

EVIL Offering Verdict

The Offering is a fantastic all-arounder. Throughout my months of testing, it's the bike I wanted to reach for each time I headed out the door. It has great trail manners and tackles slow-speed tech and high-speed flow trails equally well.