The Ehline is a deeply knobbed tire that rolls great on hardpacked trails. A very versatile tread, which sharp lugs and progressive design bites on a variety of trail and gravel conditions. Available in both a light/supple or sturdy/durable that both have their place on the trails. Teravail is expanding their tire line - and the Ehline can be the answer to a lot of riders cross country tire woes.

Teravail Ehline Highlights

  • The fast rolling classic tread design is predictable corning and sending.
  • Generous side knobs are great in damp riding conditions and offer great grip.
  • Light and Supple casing roll smooth and fast over roots and mixed terrain.
  • The tread design is optimized for modern cross county courses and trails
  • The sharp back edge of knobs offers instant bite when sprinting out of corners.
  • Price: $70 USD for the light and supple construction, and $75 for the durable casing.
  • Weight: 29 x 2.3" Ehline with tan sidewalls is 709 grams.
  • Sizes: 2.3"-2.6" available in 27.5" and 29"
Rating: 4.0/5.0

Ride Impressions

Tan side wall tires speak to me - the way they look, the cool vibe they give the bike they accompany - it feels right. The Ehline from Teravail feels that way when you see them; classic design built for modern conditions.

Teravail cut its teeth on mostly gravel and all road offerings but this year they took to the trails and are offering two strong designs - The Honcho and the Ehline. Both are designed for the modern cross country rider and bleed into the trail and all-mountain style of riding. These tubeless ready 60tpi tires are available in 27.5" and 29" versions as well as in both 'light and supple' and 'durable' casings. While the name Ehline may seem best suited for super shredder tire, and Honcho - something flying off the turnbuckle for aggressive terrain. Simply, the tires are named after popular trails in the Midwest. Both are available in a variety of widths and 2.3"-2.5" are designed to perform their best around a 24mm inner rim width and 29mm internal rim width for the 2.6"- and 2.5"-wide tires.

Out of the box, the Ehiline is robust and the casing is soft to the touch, I'm guessing why Teravail named this casing Light and Supple. Knobs are laid out in a chevron pattern with larger blocks in the center and staggered as the tread moved to the side. Cornering knobs are plentiful and sturdy, though the soft rubber compound makes them quite pliable and dexterous. All have a ramped leading edge and a sharp backing edge - great for gripping dirt and not wasting a watt of sprint power.

Setup and inflation are simple and what I've expected for the other Teravail tires I've tested. The bead is tight enough to supply a floor pump install, yet not tight enough for a wrestling match with the wheel.

On the trail, the Ehline is quick and rolls like a much smoother tire. My first rides were on my hardtail, mounted to DT-Swiss 1501 (25mm internal) and the Ehlines smoothed out the bumps and chatter with ease. I started rolling around 20 psi and ended up dialing them down to 18 psi to get the best feel and grip. At 17 psi and lower, the sidewall started to fold and squirm in the corners. The tires have ride characteristics closer to an XC race tire than a trail tire - yet offer grip and confidence, something lacking it the XC tire realm. The larger centerline knobs offer predictable brake control and roll fast on fire road climbs and asphalt.

On a full suspension, the Ehilines become a great trail companion, fast and fluid. I mounted the Ehilines to my Bontrager Kovee XXX wheelset with an internal of 29mm and the ride was even better. The tread laid out was just as fast but offered more grip and rolls over small roots and rocks like a pillow. The fully let me run lower pressures than on the hardtail and the lowest I went without flexing the sidewall was 17 psi - anything under that and the soft and supple casing folded. After lots of miles in the rocks, the casing took a beating and flats did occur towards the end but I feel that is the life of a high-performance tire.


The Ehline is a solid tire for hardpacked trails and gravel riding. The minimal centerline tread rolls quickly, and tall corner lugs provide aggressive grip for cornering at speed and confidence in most buff trail conditions. The tread also works well on road sectors, double track, and nearly all speedy terrain. I recommend this tire for anyone who likes to explore on their mountain bike and needs a tire that can handle any terrain they come across.

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