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This is a machines steel multi tined rake, capable of prying rock, digging, and raking mixed soils.

My trails are very rocky, not a lot of roots or clay, heavy duty rakes from the big boxes that are sold for working concrete and gravel last at most a few hours before breaking; fortunately Home Depot doesn't know how many I broke and returned ;)

So I bought some "real tools", the best of them has been the Prophoe F70NBR – Fiberglass Handled “No Break Rake". I have a regular field hoe which is not bad for moving dirt, but it sucks for raking the dirt to remove rock. This rake is burly enough to pound on rock over and over, and though the blades on the tines have dulled, they have not broken or chipped. It's the best took I've used for mixed dirt and rock.

If I had more rooty terrain, clay, and no need to rake the rocks out, I'd go with a straight hoe.

Worst tool ever: McCloud Tool from Feldfire. This thinkg is pressed steel, the tines folded in teh first hour of use, had to cut them down with a hacksaw in order to get some more use from the tool, pretty much relegated to raking where no rock is present; not anywhere on my trails. I'd say it woulr fine raking manure on a farm, seriously, it is that poorly made.
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