Review Muc-Off Bike-Specific pressure washer

Muc-Off's pressure washer is the first of its kind - world's first bike-specific pressure washer, designed from the ground up specifically for two-wheel machines. What does this mean for the rider - Does it mean less time at the wash station and more time at the trails? Or is this another product that further compromises the life of bearings and precious garage space? Read on and find out.

Muc Off Bicycle Power Washer Highlights

  • Easy to set up and assemble with little powerwasher experience.
  • The custom bag makes transport to races or storage neat and tidy.
  • High-powered lance nozzle makes quick work of mud, soap, and driveway spots.
  • Muc-Off soap dispenser works well and doesn't consume much product.
  • Four different lances to dial in precisely the washer pressure your bike needs
  • A must-have tool for anyone that rides in the mud and likes to wash their bike at home - cyclcrossers especially.
  • Available Now only from Muc Off Direct sales as a bundle unit.
  • Price: $174.99 for the complete bundle as reviewed.

What is it?

A premium pressure washer for your bike is a highly debatable idea. You see Pro Tour mechanics, and cyclocross pit crews using them incessantly, but is it something that you need at home? Better yet - is it something that you should use at all, as most bike shop wizards and industry gurus will tell you, "Never use a pressure washer on your bike."

Well, one thing that we can all agree on is that the power of a pressure washer to get mud and road grime off of a bicycle is incredible. The reason we steer clear is mainly the pure power of the machine and the ease at which an unexperienced user can empty their bearings and shifters of grease and functional lube. I've even seen some gas-powered washers cut through bar tape and blast off hub decals - these are the washers your mechanic warned you of.

What separates the Muc-Off washer is the power, the specially designed wands, and the design use that is bicycle specific. The bicycle-specific design hinges on running a much lower pressure, so it doesn't blast through your bearing seals, running them dry. Muc-Off has developed and tooled specific lances for bike and moto use to ensure the pressure washer won't damage any surfaces or bearings. The premium 1200W carbon brush motor gives a max flow rate of 1.8/Min, enough to get things down but also nothing that will take your foot off. The max pressure of 1450 PSI is high for bicycle use, but the limiters are the lances and the flow rate they provide.

The lances and gun unit are entirely coated in a soft-touch matte black finish that is easy to operate with gloves and will absorb hits on the concrete if dropped. The soft-touch also helps to lower the chance of damage if the nozzle knocks accidentally against a bike. The high-pressure hose features metal contact points for durability and enables the user to move around the bike with ease.

What comes in the bag

The washer includes a custom dry-bag style carrying case designed to easily store the pressure washer and keeping all available peripherals within easy reach. The USA edition bundles include the snow foam lance, a bottle of wash, and wash concentrate for topping off.

Four different lances for dirt duty

  • One for bicycles. Safe on bearing and suspension parts.
  • One higher pressure lance for motorcycles- which is still safe on bearing and suspension parts
  • One bespoke adjustable-pressure lance. Adjustable higher pressure for heavy grime on your tires- and anything else that needs cleaning with a bit more pressure.
  • A Muc-Off designed low-pressure-specific snow foam lance which won't damage any delicate parts and transforms your bottle of Muc-Off Nano Tech Bike Cleaner into thick snow foam, for a final and efficient deep cleaning.

Let's take it for a wash.

If you are somewhat familiar with the workings and setup of a pressure washer, then the Muc-Off unit will be very easy to set up. The most daunting detail is getting everything out of the bag and on to the washing area. First, I attached the high-pressure hose to the front of the Muc-Off unit, and a satisfying click of chuck is notable. The same is evident in the attachment of the gun to the opposite end of the hose.

The lances all use a push and twist style of attaching, and expel little to no water when changing from piece to piece. The hose attachment required some plumbing tape to achieve no leakage, but after the first install, the mating was leak-free. After full installation of accessories - I plugged the washer until into the electrical power source. I would suggest keeping the water off until everything is installed and rolling, just to be safe. The length of the cord for the until is generous, but I still required an extension to reach the garage outlet.

When engaged, the 1200W motor will squeeze out one and a half gallons of water a minute at 1450 psi of pressure. It's not powerful enough to kick your arm back but more than enough to clean the driveway.

What I liked about the unit is the integrated foaming feature - attach the foaming head to the lance, connected Muc-Off cleaner and foam away. The amount of soap consumed is adjustable via a volume style knob on the lance and provides a prewash style breakup of dirt and grim on the bike.

Does it work?

Yes, the high powered spray and lance are great for getting mud and everything in between off of your bike and gear. Is it something that every rider should have? I would say that it's rider and lifestyle dependent. If you are someone who frequents the outdoors and forests for hikes, returning home with muddy boots on the regular then - yes. As someone who races every weekend in the fall covered in mud and returns with a bag of dirty gear to wash - this unit is like a teammate.

I found myself not only spraying off my bikes and wheels but my shoes, helmets, and anything else that was dirty found its way to the Muc-Off machine. In the spirit of versatility, the Muc-Off pressure washer can wash more than bikes. The unit is excellent for everything, from cars to patio furniture. If you don't have much need for a constant pressure washer at your fingertips and feel that a hose will serve you just fine - this unit is not for you. The setup and tear down will be more than the time that you spend washing.

Final Verdict

I would recommend the Muc Off pressure washer to any mountain bike or cyclocross racer that loves the outdoors and is frequently tracking mud wherever they go. Yes, the introductory price is more than a nice hose nozzle, but the efficiency and ease of use are worth ten-fold. I've kept this washer set up nearly year-round for one reason on another, and I bet most mountain bikers would do the same.

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