2015 Lights Shootout

This is the first Knog light that Mtbr has ever tested so color us excited. Knog is an Australian company that focuses on commuter lights and they sent Mtbr an array of lights including a tail light and a GoPro light.

The first thing we noticed was the packaging is pretty innovative, with quite a bit of 'out of the box' thinking. The packaging ended up being too complicated though making it impractical for storing the light when not in use. Our next observation is that these lights were designed with quality and style. These lights have the look and feel of an Apple product, as rubber and metal are molded together to create a very slick device. A metal front for heat dissipation is integrated with a rubberized back for good grip and ergonomics.

Knog Blinder Arc 5.5 Battery

The USB charging port for example, is a small plug that folds out of the light. This makes it very convenient for plugging into a laptop as no wires are needed. When plugging into a USB adapter, an optional wire is included in case there are space issues near the plug. The integrated USB plug was designed Knog to withstand moisture.

Knog Blinder Arc 5.5 Weight

Another innovation, is the clamp integrates a rubber mold and strap with a metal locking cam mechanism. The rubber accommodates the 26.8 and 31.8 bar and the locking cam gives it a quick release mechanism.

Finally, the switch is a nice affair with a recessed switch with nice tactile feel. It is recessed to avoid accidental turn-on, but it has good action to give the user good feedback. There is an indicator light above the switch that lets the user know what mode the light is in.

Test loop with the Knog Blinder Arc 5.5. Camera is on a locked ISO setting and is set to Wide Angle mode.

But how does the light ride? Pretty darn good in our opinion. The 5.5 is rated at 550 Lumens and is their high end commuter light. But we measured it at 601 steady Lumens and it's good enough for trail riding. Use two of these lights and it will get you around on most trail rides.

Beam Pattern Photo

We photographed the lights in the same location setting with the same camera settings. The photos were taken in the back yard that is approximately 25 yards long. These photos feature many objects and a distinct background to analyze detail and beam pattern. Compare all Beam Patterns here »

Knog Blinder Arc 5.5 Backyard Beam Pattern

Integrating Sphere Measured Lumens

This light measured 601 Lumens in an integrating sphere. Claimed Lumens by the manufacturer is 550 Lumens. The Lumen-hour graph below shows how the light performs over the first three minutes of its battery cycle. Compare all Lumen Tests here »

Knog Blinder Arc 5.5 Lumen Chart


  • Beam pattern is good and brighter than claimed
  • Quality of materials and construction is excellent
  • Quick release clasp is good
  • Built in USB plug with optional wire is a nice feature


  • At $120 price point, the competition is brighter at around 700+ Lumens


  • Price: $120
  • Claimed Lumens: 550 Lumens
  • Measured Lumens: 601 Lumens
  • Lumens per $: 5.01 Lumens
  • Lumens per gram: 5.72 Lumens
  • Time on High: 1:50 Hours
  • Charge Time: 7:00 Hours
  • Mounted Weight: 105 grams
  • Category: Commuter

Overall Rating

4.5 Flamin' Chili Peppers
4.5 out of 5 Flamin' Chili Peppers

For $120, it has less Lumens than the competition but the build, quality of materials and ergonomics make up for it. This light is a great commuter light but it's bright enough for trail duty.

For more information visit usd.knog.com.au.

This article is part of Mtbr and RoadBikeReview's 2015 Lights Shootout. To see all the bike lights tested CLICK HERE.