I travel all over the US and now the world with my bike! I've tried all different types of travel cases and they each offer their pros and cons. Hard cases offer the most protection, but they are heavy, meaning that the person's eyes at the airline counter will light up with giant dollar signs like a cartoon character when they see you coming. Most airlines strictly enforce the 50lb weight limit when it comes to traveling with a bike. Most hard cases with a bike inside and nothing else exceed the 50lb limit. They can also be hard to pack. Soft cases weigh less, but most do not offer ample protection. Cardboard boxes are the lightest, but have to be carried and can tear.

Last year, I decided to seek out the best bike case.

I was looking for a case:
  • That was lightweight so I could pack other things along with the bike and still not be over weight
  • Offered protection
  • Was easy to pack
  • That had wheels
I found my dream case - the $450 Evoc. I can pack my bike in 15 min or less. It weighs 16.3 lbs and has padding and PVC in the right places to protect my bike.

Inside the case, it organizes the packing arrangment for you with buckles and Velcro.

It has its own wheel compartments. It has a couple small pockets for tools, pedals, and skewers.

…and I can pack it full with clothing, shoes, and sports nutrition without it being overweight.

I got a new one this year because they now make one that fits 29er wheels without having to deflate them (which can cause them to unseed and leak Stan's everywhere!)

Disassembly requirements:
  • Pedals off
  • Take the seatpost out
  • Remove stem and handlebar as one piece and strap it on the top tube pad
  • Pull derailleur hanger off
  • Wheels off, rotors off
  • Place frame into bag and strap in the fork, frame, and rear chain stays
  • Pack wheels and tools
  • Add extra stuff
  • Deal with people asking you every five seconds what's in your case!

Price: $450.
For more information visit www.evocusa.com.