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Eleven Velo is a company that comes from a land down under and they are all about options. They are a maker of bespoke cycling apparel with a focus on Merino wool tops and eye catching, durable shorts. Ordering is done through their website, which is broken down into whether you ride road, trails or city. Offerings include jerseys, hoodies, tees, boxer shorts, bib shorts, mountain bike shorts, commuter shorts and a hand full of other accessories like warmers and caps. Highlighted here are the Eleven Velo Mod Merino Trail jersey and Premium Trail shorts.

The Eleven Velo Mod Merino Trail Jersey

Eleven Velo makes 3 Superfine Merino jerseys and the Trail version differs mostly due to its single rear pocket (vs. 3 on the Club and Team jersey) and also the looser fit of the sleeves. As previously mentioned, Eleven Velo is all about options and the Trail jersey is loaded with them. You can get it with standard length sleeves or long sleeves, 7" zipper or full length zip, 5 stock sizes (36", 38", 40", 42" or 44"), standard Merino fabric or Merino mesh back panel and a myriad of color options. You can choose: body color, side panel color, collar color, arm color, thread color and optional reflective strips.

The process for ordering and customizing is very simple with an intuitive and visual step-by-step process via the Eleven Velo website. I ordered a basic build for my Trail jersey including: standard sleeve, standard zip, 38" with custom length (aka the "asian" build, because so many of my jerseys end up long in the back), solid 170 gsm Merino, dark blue body color, mid grey side panel, dark grey collar, dark grey arm, black/white thread and no reflective strips necessary for trail riding.

The true standout feature of the Eleven Velo jersey though, is the quality of the Merino wool. I have had other wool jerseys, including Merino wool and none of them feel as comfortable as the Eleven Velo Mod Merino Trail jersey. Eleven Velo calls it "Superfine Merino" and it is 100% Australian grown, spun and woven and made right in Victoria, Australia. According to Gerard at Eleven Velo, "much of the Merino that comes out of China is not pure, but usually blended and generally does not last." So far, after several rides and washings, durability has not been an issue and the wool remains as comfy as day 1.

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The Eleven Velo Premium Trail Shorts

Let's face it, the most noticeable feature of the Premium Trail shorts is the eye catching denim version.

Not feeling confident enough to rock the denim on the trail, I opted for a more sedate build on my Premium Trail shorts. Again, options are the name of the game as these shorts are made from 10 different panels sewn together. My shorts came with 32" size, midnight blue body color, midnight blue side panel, olive grey interior contrast color, black/white thread color and no U-lock harness necessary for trail shorts. As another custom option, I gave my inseam dimensions as many shorts tend to run a bit long for me (okay, maybe it's actually that my legs are short.)

Besides the 12.5 oz denim, the Premium Trail shorts are available in 7 colors of 270 gsm Drill (gsm stands for Grams per Square Meter and basically tells you the weight of the sheet of fabric which also gives an indication of the thickness of the material) and 9 colors of 200 gsm Drill.

The fact that the short is made from many panels of different material is core to the comfort and durability of these shorts. Eleven Velo has created a design that allows for ease of movement, durability and comfort. The 1000D Ballistic material on the inner prevent wear, 280gsm Lycra on the rear provide stretch and flex, drill sides for comfort and durability and 280gsm Lycra on the front, again for stretch.

The standout design feature of these shorts is the X-Fit system. This is the "belt" that snaps onto the back of the shorts and also on the sides. Once the snaps are secure and fitted (via the elastic portion of the belt), you adjust the fit via the velcro on the belt strap. Eleven Velo calls it more of a "suspension harness" than a belt and its main function is to allow you to customize the fit just to your liking. Without the X-Fit belt, the shorts fit on the loose side, so you will want to be sure to use it at all times (just be sure to remove it for washings). The X-Fit works with the high back panel and Gerard explains, "The idea came about as I hated the feeling of waistbands fitting tight or the idea that my butt was hanging out the back if they were loose, which is where the peaked back came from - I spent too much time seeing butt cracks on single track!!!"

On my very first ride, I found these shorts to be a bit stiff. However, after just the initial washing, the shorts softened up just right and are very comfortable. I did not crash in these shorts, but I have no doubt that the tough, Ballistic material will hold up well. These shorts do not come with a chamois, so you have the option to use your favorite inner short with the Premium Trail shorts.

Bottom Line

Overall, both the Eleven Velo Mod Merino Trail jersey and Premium Trail shorts offer a comfortable ride, customizable fit and stylish looks that you have almost complete design control over. They are a premium brand using high quality materials and have unique design features not found anywhere else. Made to order is never cheap (MSRP on the Mod Merino Trail jersey is $97 US and the Premium Trail short is $165 US), so if you are looking for bargain priced biking clothes, look elsewhere. But if you are looking for something unique that will fit well and last OR if you find it hard to find bike clothes that fit you just right, check out the offerings from Eleven Velo.


  • Comfortable
  • Custom fit
  • Durable
  • Stylish, unique


  • Price
  • Availability (Eleven Velo products are sold only via their website, you can't walk into a bike shop and touch and feel the product. Eleven Velo is open to dealer inquiries.)

Value Rating

4 out of 5 Flaming Chili Peppers

Overall Rating

5 out of 5 Flaming Chili Peppers

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From the manufacturer

"Eleven vélo bespoke clothing:

Eleven vélo designs centre around using premium ingredients with a known provenance.

Our sewing shop is in Sydney. The Superfine Merino wool we use is from Victoria (Southern Australia), certified non mulesing, and produced to strict sustainable practices. The premium quality zippers we choose to use come from Switzerland or the USA. The long-lasting, high-quality threads we use are from Germany. Our Lycra from Italy.

Our suppliers are chosen because they provide exceptional products, work to western standards of labour and trade (and, more often than not, produce what they do in their country of origin), and adhere to strict environmental practices. Our bespoke design and quality standards ensure our products are durable and hard-wearing.

Eleven vélo products are sustainable with very little wastage produced, "fair trade" and we strive to be eco-friendly in the products and practices we employ. "

For more info:
"Premium Merino Cycling Clothing and bicycle products for the passionate rider made to order in Sydney, Australia."