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Reverb AXS 170 firmware issue

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I've got a Reverb AXS 170, recently serviced all working fine. Installed firmware update uploaded fine. Very next day post would drop once, but will not come back up. Its gone to a SRAM authorised service centre who have done everything they can to get it working - mechanically there is nothing apparent wrong. They do not have the ability to get inside at the electronics head side to investigate there. SRAM will not look at it as its out of warranty (by approximately 6 weeks.)

I'm interested to see if anyone else has a problem after installing the latest firmware update that came out in December to support Flight Attendant.

Just to be clear, the SRAM service centre have done everything and gone above and beyond to help me with this. The only people with access to the electronics head and firmware changes (refresh, downgrade etc) are SRAM themselves and they won't help.

(I've also posted this in the SRAM forum as well 馃憤馃徎)
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Could it be this?
If yes, this is the link to my post Sram AXS dropper, stuck when compress, gear issue?

In short, its an internal floating piston problem, at least for me.
Very similar. Only difference is it never comes back up. It鈥檚 not the IFP though, that鈥檚 already been swapped out and the issue remained.

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When mine was "not coming up" I waited for a few minutes and the dropper releases after trying again. Someone also mention that something to do with the viscosity of the oil and how its causing a hydraulic lock. Could also be firmware, but if there is a "servo sound" and it feels like its trying to "release", its more likely to do with the mechanics is my best guess. When the problem happened on my post, I was thinking servo or firmware too.
If only it was. It鈥檚 been stripped completely by one of the country鈥檚 (if not top) RS accredited service centres and they can鈥檛 find anything mechanically wrong. They even got sent a spare IFP assembly by RS and that didn鈥檛 fix it.

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I hope you get yours fixed. Mine is not working perfectly, there are still some occasional random hesitation is releasing. Anyways, I put this down to my bad luck, I bought a bikeyoke and will be very hesitant anything sram. I dont want to spend more time, effort and money to deal with them. Lesson learnt.
Follow up on this. SRAM will not repair it, having contacted them direct and sent them videos their response was: "this might be an issue with the main head unit, but this post is outside of our warranty window based on the information provided." Bear in mind this post failed 3 weeks out of warranty. I now have a very expensive paper weight.

I certainly won't ever buy another AXS post again. Be warned 馃憤馃徎
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