Earlier this year, Revel Bikes launched the Ranger, a short-travel trail bike equally adept at endurance racing and general trail hijinks. The Carbondale, Colorado-based brand has created a new version of the Ranger that's a little rowdier than standard 115/120mm kits it currently offers.

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Revel took a tongue-in-cheek approach to naming the new edition by playing off Yet's longstanding tradition of building more aggressive versions of its stock bikes with the components the company's employees favor.

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But, no. This is not a Lunch Ride edition. In keeping with millennial sensibilities and a desire for endless singletrack along with bottomless mimosas, Revel is launching the "Brunch Ride" edition of the Ranger.

Revel Ranger Bunch Ride

Revel Bikes knows how to brunch.​

"We love our stock build options, but we're a building full of bike nerds so we couldn't help but try different suspension and component configurations on all of our bikes and the Ranger is no exception. Just because it has 115mm of travel doesn't mean it can't get a little rowdy," a Revel press-release stated.

revel ranger brunch ride

The Revel Ranger Brunch Ride build should be a hit with hard-charging trail riders.​

The Revel Ranger Brunch Ride features a 130mm Rockshox Pike in place of the standard 120mm SID fork. In the rear, a RockShox Super Deluxe Ultimate replaces the stock inline shock.

Other updates that improve the already-capable bike's trail manners include a 780mm-wide titanium handlebar from Revel's sister brand, Why Cycles, as well as grippy Maxxis Minion tires. TRP's Slate 4-piston brakes with 180mm rotors bring this brunch to a halt.

Revel Ranger Bunch Ride


No word yet on pricing and availability of the Revel Ranger Brunch Ride. Stay tuned!

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