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Not sure what they're called, but the Ravel Ranger I have here has channels internal to the frame that guide hoses/cable outers from one end to the other.

Replacing my brakes today, I realised the rear brake hose which I was feeding from the bottom near the bb, was feeding up into the headtube area. I thought that's weird, tried feeding it the other way and it feeds right past the exit hole and into the bb.

I tried using internal routing tools and from what I can tell that internal channel has snapped off the exit hole near the bb and now feeds everything right past it. Because of the size and angle of the exits you simply can't get anything in and around to fish it back out. I tried magnets but the guide cable ends up getting fed back up into the channel before it gets near enough the exit to fish it out.

Anyone else had this happen to them? I've contact Revel to see if there's a workaround.
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