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Ok, so the bike is completely stripped of all parts except the crank and BB. Is there a way I can remove these parts without buying the proper tools? Basically, is there a "ghetto" way to remove them without damaging them? I removed the headset with a mallet and a screwdriver(I'm not using the headset).

Also, any advice on what grade of sandpaper to use when wet sanding in between each coat of primer,paint and clear coat?

What grade of sandpaper should I use to rough up the old paint? I'm not stripping it down to bare metal, just want to rough up the paint a little and get rid of some rust spots. I'm trying to do this project as cheaply as possible.

Singlespeeding it by the way, I'll start posting pics when I REALLY start tearing into this project:)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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