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restore or scrap 1995 F1000??

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I bought an F1000 (all chrome with head shock) back in 1995 after my SM2000 was stolen. I have ridden the poor thing into the ground since.

Anyway, it is pretty much time to replace the derailleurs, cables, brakes, sprockets, bottom bracket, etc. (all the moving parts except wheels). The old girl is hurting. The frame, bars, wheels, etc. are all in very good shape though. So, my question is it worth it to spend the money to "restore" this bike or would I be better off putting the same money into a new bike?

Thanks for your advice in advance!
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It all comes down to how much you still 'love' her. I ended up selling my beloved super v for a decent buck and bought a new bike altogether. After the initial sticker shock I realized I did the right thing. Everything was new and smooth. Besides when i run into someone on the trail that has a v I can reminisce, lol.
I'd strip it down and sell the frame/headshock on the 'bay...then get a new one.
I was in the same situation recently. Sentiment and my affection for the viper red fade paintjob swayed me to transform a 95 F600 into a commuter/touring ride. Through some patient online shopping over the past winter I purchased the following:

Headshok service from Mendon: $100
Deore Octalink crankset + BB $60
100mm stem and handlebars $60
Rhino Lite rims w/ Deore Hubs $100
Sram cassette and chain $50
X7 derailurs $60
X9 gripshifts $40
Jagwire cables/housings $40
AVID FR5brake levers $15
AVID SD5 V-brakes $30
Ergon grips $30
Nashbar cutout gel seat $30
FSA 270 seatpost $15
Michelin City Tires $45
Eggbeaters $50
PB Cascadia Fenders $50
Topeak MTX rack $30

Thats about $800. Ouch, more than I realized. Not sure I'd do it again, but I do have a pretty slick urban ride for substantially less than a comparable new bike. The old 50mm headshok is perfect for the bike's new role. The now unused canti mount came in handy for fender mounting.
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Single speed it. Early M800 BotE is a blast this way.

Frame was cracked in the normal seattube / collar slot location. Bought a new seatpost, found the proper position, drilled and bolted it non adjustable, semi permanent to the frame.

Still a fun bike with retro fork, and components converted to SS.

Great. Thanks for all the replies so far! This board is as active and helpful as the D-90 forum to which I also belong. The D-90 thing is where I get my need to tinker and fix things rather than replace (cause they don't bring D-90s to the States anymore).

I like zaphod's re-do. I have the original spec sheet on my F1000, but now I just gotta figure out what components are compatible with my rig. Again, I am new to "restoring" a bike (up until now, just road it) -- any suggestions of good online sites where I might find compatible parts aside from eBay?
I purchased most of the gear from Jenson, some from Universal Cycles and Nashbar. Jenson will often have some phenomenal deals on OE take-offs and previous year equipment.
The only major compatibility issue you'll have to address is the drivetrain; e.g. sram rear derailur requires a sram shifter. Also, v-brake upgrade required compatible levers.
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