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Respraying Trek Liquid Frame

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1st question
Will respraying my 2003 trek liquid frame invalidate the warranty. It would be sprayed in 2pack paint if that makes any diff in a car bodyshop (I have access to free facilities).

2nd question
If i do go ahead, is it worth sand blasting the frame first to get a good base.

3rd question
What colour looks good ont he liquid. I quite like the metallic red i have seen on some treks.

thanks for any help
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If I'm not mistaken, your warranty will be void if you do the painting yourself. Trek prefers to have their bikes sent back to them, so they can do the painting in their factory.

Sandblasting, however, I'm not sure about. A lot of places that paint bikes do bead-blasting, which is less abbrasive to the metal.

And for the paint color, that is entirely your choice and a matter of personal opinion.

YOu will void your warranty if the job is not done by the MFG.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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