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I know the Response is a dept store bike, but it is WAY better quality than anything I saw at Wal-Mart and it is holding up nice as I get more aggressive with it.
I actually do not know what exactly this thing is meant for...I know I can go down the trails nice with it and it climbs burmy, steep trail hills easily.

I hooked up with a guy who rides a full shock type deal and got invited to hit some trails he knows. The trails have rocks and some muddy areas through an old marsh. Also some steep downhill with turns down this giant hill. Sounds awesome and I THINK I can ride it, but is a response built for such demanding terrain? Will my STOCK rims fold up slamming rocks?..

I dunno...

I hear the Response isn't really a specialty bike like for downhill racing stuff and really really hard riding. The description id a "utility" type bike.. Does that mean "all purpose"?

Would like to try a bigger trail...these walking paths are getting boring.... nice for riding, but to flat.

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Its an entry level XC (cross country) mountain bike. Its limitations will be on the type of terrain you ride. If your bombing down steep hills with large rocks/roots/etc, then you will find the limitations of the parts very quickly. But if you stay within the limits of the bike and its components - which are very durable for cross country riding - the bike will last a long time.

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I'd say it is a trail bike. A little more then XC, but not totally suited for all-mountain, especially the base model. You can use it to climb roots, rocks, steeps, through mud, around berms, etc. The frame is tough and they do come stock with double wall rims, adding to the durability of the wheelset.

Honestly, if you are slamming rocks going down hill you are going to end up going over the bars, regardless of the bike you are riding. Try to find the lines of least resistance, stay in control, and you and the bike will be fine.
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