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Resistance Settings and Gear Selection

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I have a two part question. I am using a road bike with a “compact” drivetrain (I think that is the term, it’s a 2x10) on magnetic “dumb” trainer with remote adjustable resistance of 1 to 10.
Question 1 - when doing intervals is it best to pick a resistance setting on the trainer and then use the bikes gearing to raise or lower the “difficulty”? Or is it better to pick a comfortable gear for my recovery segments and then use the resistance settings to raise or lower the “difficulty)”?…or is there now right or wrong answer.
Question 2 - I am training on the road bike but training for adventure racing mtb riding. Should I stick to gear choices on my road bike trainer that are similar equivalents to my MTB to keep the feel of my MTB (3x9 currently)?

Am I over thinking all of this?
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When running an app you usually set the trainer on a resistance level, use the software to select the trainer model so the software uses the right power-speed curve, and calibrate. From then on you can use your bike's gears.
For a given cadence the gears make a known change to tire speed on the trainer's roller. As speed increases the required power increases according to the trainers speed/friction curve.

The trainer intensity settings... who knows what they do to the resistance? I'd guess, if you were doing science or something, that you'd get more consistent results by changing gears instead of switching the trainer's intensity.

But honestly... if you are on a dumb trainer and have no power meter/speed sensor/candence meter... your workouts are in terms of your perceived effort... just use whatever combination gets you to the effort level that you want.
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