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Reservoir leak

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What are the possible causes and solution for a reservoir leak? The oil is coming out of the gap between the lever body and the cover, when i press on the lever it seems that oil is not seeping out if i check it the next day, oil are all over the lever body.

Can the bladder be the culprit?
As i see a gap between the bladder and bleed port.
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Looks like the lip of the reservoir seal is not on there.
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A few things are consistent in this universe:
1) Sram guide lever hydro-locking issues
2) shimano pad contamination on phenolic piston brake setups
3) shimano brake levers shitting the bed and leaking and becoming garbage.
4) Avid elixer brakes working perfectly and then being bled and never working right again

You experienced #3, and may already have experienced #2 over the years and didn't realize it wasn't your fault.
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Looks like the lip of the reservoir seal is not on there.
yeah looks like the lip has torn off and probably stuck to the lid.

Time for a new lever assembly.

Or change to another brake (like Hope) that actually sells spare parts.
took both apart and notice that there were holes on both bladders, i managed to get 3rd party bladders from a local seller, it is not the same as the original but it fits, i am observing it to check if the leaks will stop
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