Reserve Wheels is launching a new tubeless valve system that it claims allows for three-times the airflow of traditional Presta valve stems. Called Fillmore, the new valves are intended to make seating tubeless tires significantly easier and limit clogged valves resulting from dried tire sealant. Read on for more information from Reserve along with my impressions of the new Fillmore valves.
Reserve Wheels Fillmore Tubeless Valve Highlights
  • High Flow: 3X airflow makes seating and inflating tires a snap
  • No Clog: Eliminates clogging and busts through dry sealant
  • Micro-Adjust: Airs down to the perfectly dialed tire pressure
  • Direct-Inject: Coreless design for no-fuss injection of sealant
  • Compatible with Presta pump heads and most sealant injectors
  • Compatible with mountain, gravel and cyclocross rims up to 28mm deep
  • Compatible with tire inserts such as CushCore
  • Price: $49.99 (pair)
  • Lifetime Guarantee
  • For more information visit:
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While mountain bike technology has evolved by leaps and bounds, some basic areas of cycling componentry have remained unchanged. Presta valve design is one such area, remaining stagnant for many decades. There are arguments to be made in favor of Schrader valves on modern mountain bikes, especially since high-volume tubeless tires are the norm, yet nearly all high-end carbon and allow rims are designed for smaller diameter Presta valves.

Reserve Wheels is tackling the problem with a new take on the Presta Valve that allows for higher airflow while remaining backward-compatible with standard rim designs. The Fillmore valves are also compatible with standard Presta pump heads.
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The two areas of improvement over traditional Presta valves are a coreless design, to improve airflow, and a poppet valve to limit the ingress of tire sealant, which often clogs traditional tubeless valve cores.

Reserve Fillmore Valve Review
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I've been riding a wheelset equipped with Fillmore valves for two months and they make a small, but meaningful impact on my tubeless tire set-up.

First and foremost, tires are easier to seat and inflate with less effort and fewer pumps. Reserve's claims of tripling airflow seem well-founded. The lack of a valve core seems to be the most meaningful step forward. Not only does this improve airflow, but it also makes it easier to top off the sealant.

With no core to bend or break, the Fillmore valves should also outlast traditional tubeless valves. The Fillmore's threaded cap is nice for making trail-side pressure adjustments as well.
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The Poppet system designed to block off the valve stem from sealant has worked as advertised, though it generally takes more than my two-month test time for clogging issues to present themselves. I'll update this review if any problems arise.

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Two months into testing and Reserve's Fillmore valves work 100% as advertised, they make it easy to set up tubeless tires with a simple floor pump and have proven to be clog-free.

The $49.99 price tag is steep—a pair of Fillmore valves costs two to three-times as much as other replacement tubeless valves, but there's something to be said for buying them once and never having to worry about replacing clogged valves again. There's also peace of mind in knowing you can easily seat a tubeless bead on the road or trail without relying on an air compressor or CO2 canister.

The best endorsement I can give them is that I plan to buy Fillmore valves for my quiver of mountain and gravel bikes as my standard Presta valves wear out.