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Requesting your best mountain bike photos for future art exhibit.

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Hello eveyone,

Requesting some help from fellow riders.

I love the sport of mountain biking, the racing, the solo rides, the training, the stories, the friendships you make and the other good things mountain biking brings.

I'm a designer from NYC who just started painting again after 10 years away from the arts. I started with a subject " mountain biking", because I love it and wanted to share my passion with others. Hopefully inspiring non-cyclists to try it and get hooked.

I had an open studio last month and got a huge positive response, no sales, but I like to think they inspired at least one person.

I'd like to continue and now looking for reference materials. Actual photographs of yourself, friends on bikes, portraits (with helmets), jumps or whatever. I will transfer these into my paintings and other graphic arts for my next open studio.

I can't pay for the photos and I don't want to steal them from the web from working photographers. (these paintings might generate sales and if they do, a portion goes to IMBA and my local race series and parks).

So anything you send me, you give up the rights and give me permission to use them, tastefully of course. (I have to say that, I don't want to get sued). My paintings/art are 100% geared towards showing the sport in a positive way!

My paintings are arcylic on plywood. Thanks. I'll keep you posted. To look at my current paintings here is a link to my site:

Please send photos to [email protected]. I can pretty much open anything. In the subject, please put something referenced to photos/paintings. Thanks. Jae


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That's some awesome art you're making. What kind of pics are you looking for? i assume if you are making similar art as shown, scenery shots and stuff might not work out. Do you have any specific needs. I have hunderds of shots of biking in Oregon, but i suspect most might not transfer to your style art. PM me if you want me to send you some pics on a disk. Later, Sasquatch

Nice stuff! I think they are great.

As an avid photographer, I have a ton of cycling photos as many on this site do. Would you consider a trade? If you use my photo, I get a print?

Not sure how much it costs for a print but I can tell you what a good camera costs!

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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