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I ride bout 20miles a day. My ride involves 10miles on pavement and 10 on singletrack. Currently using an old rigid mountain bike. I'm going to upgrade to something more plush....I'm 34 and my back has been abused.

My options:

29'er Hardtail: Good on pavement, but only if you run high tire pressure, then it is rigid on trail. Lower the pressure, and its sluggish on road.

29'er Full Suspension: I'm thinking this might be the way to higher tire pressure, and lock out front and rear for the pavement portion of ride. Still fairly compliant on the trail.

Assuming I do go FS, and assuming I'm leaning towards a Stumpjumper, do I want a brain or not??

Would love any input from riders that do similar riding. I'm aware I would be better off getting a road bike and then an off road bike and doing seperate rides....but at the moment I really enjoy the variety on each ride. I'll just accept the fact I'm going to go through tires.
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