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replacing velcro on cycling shoes?

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I have a pair of old Sidi's that the velcro is wearing out and read on line that you can replace the velcro by getting the supplies at a crafts store.

For anyone who has done this: Does the bushy part of the velcro come off as a whole strip, or do you use something to scrap it away? Do you use an exacto knife?

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The shoe people get the "hook and loop" fabric (velcro is a trademarked or copyrighted name, not sure which) at the same place the fabric store people do. Look real close and you'll see the seam to cut it at.
How bad are the shoes? Is it time to replace them?

If not, take it to a shoe cobbler. No offense, but if you're calling the "loop" of velcro "the bushy part" you may want to leave it to the pros! :)

seam-ripper and a sewing machine
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