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I have a pair of XT pedals (PD-M770) that I have used for one season. The peals have some play when pulling up, especially the left side which I clip out of more often. I thought it was worn cleats but new ones did not solve the problem. I also tried tightening the tension screws but that did not help either. It's very annoying while climbing as I feel a click with every pull of the cranks.

Looking at the tech doc I think the "body covers" can be replaced without the spring coming into play…

I think that is where the looseness is coming from.

If so where can I get parts? A quick search came up with replacement plates but not for my model pedal. Oh and how much of a pain are those phillip screws going to be to get off?

Thanks for any insight…
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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