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So I twisted up my X.9 rear derailleur cage. I don't know how or when it happened, but some trailside "adjustment" with a set of slotted pliers made it rideable for the day.

Is there any place I can order just the cage (medium) assembly, or am I SOL and have to order the full derailleur?

Supposedly these things are fully rebuildable, but I can't find anyplace that sells parts other than the pulley/jocky wheels.


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I'd Check....

at your LBS in the Quality Bicycle Catalogue.
They have just about every Shimano and Campy nut, bolt, cage, widget, imaginable so I assume they have SRAM spares as well.

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SRAM's oh-so-wonderful derailleurs only have 1 of the two cages that can be replaced (inner cage/closest to wheel) on everything except the X.0. Who bends 1 plate? Sorry but your SOL.

I'll stick to my Saint stuff.
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