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Can anyone tell me where I can get replacement dropouts and/or outer plates for a VooDoo Dambala? It's the style seen here. I emailed VooDoo earlier this week about it, but I haven't heard anything back from them.

I recently acquired one of these frames used, and after replacing the cog I've been having difficulties keeping the dropouts from slipping. The outside aluminum plate on each side is a bit deformed, and I suspect that the deformations in it are causing it to stay very nicely where the previous owner had it, but not where I did.

I'm going to pick up some nuts for the tensioner adjustment screws to lock things into place and see that helps, and I'm also thinking of just losing the outer plates and instead replacing them with pieces of soft steel backed with a gritty grease such as Fiber Grip.

If anyone has any suggestions as to where to find these plates, or other things I may be able to do to stop slippage (detail of how close it got during yesterday's race) I'd love to hear it.



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The nut for the tension adjustment screw will probably prevent slippage. After alignment, tighten the slider bolts, then make sure to slightly retighten the tension adjustment screw afterwards, and then tighten the nut against the frame.

I also sanded off the paint from the frame area where it contacts the slider, as suggested in a previous thread.

I also deformed my outer plates from constant fiddling. That was before I found out that it was my quick release axle that was slipping slightly in the dropout. So be sure to tighten that really snug as well.

Anyway, while waiting for customized steel replacement outer plates, I used a stack of 3-4 good sized washers per bolt. They worked fine for a few rides. My steel outer plates have not slipped in 2 years so far.

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