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Hi all,

Looking for the OEM Factory Tune settings for the Fox CTD Boost Valve LV Kashima Shock as fitted to the 2013 Zesty 914? My 2012 Zesty has just been rebuilt into a 2013 frame and the current shock is in need of a service, so rather than spend £120 on that, I thought I'd just upgrade. There are a few for sale on ebay etc but I'm not sure what tune I should look for in terms of BV, Rebound and Velocity?

I guess there's no guarantee the OEM tune will suit me (83kg rider, mainly trails with the odd down hill - I like a firm pedal platform).

Andy advice would be gratefully received. Or would you recommend I get my existing RP2 Boost Valve from 2012 PUSHed with TF?


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