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Replacement parts for Iron Horse?

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Hi all - I hope someone can help me.

Both sets of pivot bolts (upper and lower around the rear shock) on my Azure are loose and stripped. I'm confident I can get them out but I am having a hard time getting replacements bolts. My local shop doesn't think they can help me. Can anyone here offer some suggestions on where you may be getting replacement parts now that Iron Horse is out of business? Worse case should I have to drill them out, does anyone know the dimensions if I need to go to a machine shop?

Thank You!!
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Attached is the azure frame specs pdf. This should help. You can always pick up a metric bolt from the specialty bolt section of most hardware stores. They have a wide variety of types. I know this is a work-around, but hey it keeps you rolling.

I was unable to come up with the lower pivot pin for a MKIII, but I finally ground off a longer one and re-tapping out the threads to make it work. If that hadn't worked I had picked up a metric bolt and nylon nut to replace the pivot pin.


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