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Hi guys.

Well as the tile from this post suggested it, I want to know if there`s somone who has achieved to make a replacement battery for one of those two lights, wich cost a lot less than the original stuff.

Is there any option besides the 120$ battery for the cateye double shot, or the 70$ 4 cell battery from Dinotte?

Don`t get me wrong, this two lights are PERFECT in quality and durability, but the high cost battery is something I can not stand right now (economical status).

thanks guys!

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self made battery for any light!

HI friend!
I had the same problem with my HOPE LED 2, my battery gone dead..
but there is a pretty good way to deal with it (yeh its long... but worth it! :thumbsup: )
I bought holders for 18650 lithion cells (in middle of page!) , 18650 cells, and a charger.
you wire the battery pack according to the Voltage and mah u need, and the hardest part is to find a matching plug. if no success with plugs, just swap them to some other standart plug u find easy to solder and use.
now you'll have any kind of burning time u like, with an option to change batteries when dead / finished even while riding.
acccording to this PDF by cateye u'r battery is 12V 2700mah.
u need to check how much V u'r =original battery puts ou when full, and finished to know exactly what voltage u need in new battery 3/4 cells in series should do it..

total of 4 cells (20$), charger (7.5$) and holder (15$) is about: 42$, add some shipping, maybe 50$ and some work.
or u can make a closed pack and spare the holders, but you'll need a good charger to deal with 12V battery or so..
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