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I have a 2008 Giant Terrago which has an SR Suntour XCR fork (100mm lockout version) fitted. I'm reasonably happy with the bike, but the fork is a bit too spongy for my liking and tends to bottom out a bit too easily. The cold weather is not good for these forks either. I've not had vast experience with suspension forks. I am returning to MTB'ing after a 10 year break, therefore the Suntours are my only real experience to speak of. I've decided to treat my bike to a nicer fork and i'm looking at forks up to £200.

I've looked at Rockshox Toras, but I'm thinking of splashing out a little more on some Recons or similar. I'm a bit confused by the different versions and I really just want a fork I can install and forget, not really interested in spending days fine-tuning if i'm honest.
I'm looking for a 100mm fork preferably with a lockout facility (Poploc in Rockshox language), something not to heavy, but robust enough to take a bit of a hammering on XC/Trail/All mountain forrest routes. I 'm 6'2" and weight 15 stone (210 lbs) if that helps..
Basically looking for a good honest value for money all-rounder of a fork.

My question is: Which Recon (if any) would be the best for me? and are there any other alternatives worth considering for my price range?
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