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I'm running Avid Elixir CRSL with alloy blades (put on by previous owner). This is on a 2011 Stumpy Elite...

I've bent both blades pretty badly - they are rideable, but I'd like to replace them. I'm having trouble finding replacement blades at a reasonable price. BikeWagon wants $60 for a single carbon blade: or $20 for an alloy blade. Obviously, $120+tax+shipping is crazy for two carbon blades, but even $40 seems high.

Also, from looking at the pictures on BikeWagon - they don't even look to be the same shape. I don't want to buy the alloy and then realize they don't fit.

Last question - do I need to get a blade kit that has the bushing, or can I use the one that's there?

Here's a photo of my current brake lever setup.

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