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I am getting ready to build new wheels for an old Trek 930. (later era with TIG welded frame).
Planning on an Alfine 11 speed hub.
The rims I was set on are not currently available. Not many options for polished rims.
There are more rim options if it could use disc brakes.
There are also more rim options if it could fit 650b instead of 26".

Adding a disc brake tab to the frame had been a thought, but I figured I would explore that later and stick with rim brakes for now.
However, may as well consider all options.
My framebuilding/modifying skills are minimal. But I've got plenty of files and a cheap TIG machine I've been learning to use. I also took a class with a local builder a couple years ago and made a lugged frame. So, my experience is more than zero.
Let me know what you think about my options. I'd love to dig all the way in and learn something, but only if it's sensible to do so.

Option 1. Easiest. Choose different rims, stick with v-brakes, add a spring-pully style chain tensioner if needed.
Option 2. Learn a bit more along the way. Add ISO tab and disc brakes, with better rim options, and chain tensioner if needed. I assume It's acceptable to weld (instead of fillet braze) the tab on, but that may be above my skill level for a while.

Option 3. The real reason I came here. Cut the old dropouts out and replace with new. Likely PMW sliders.
That would take care of chain tension and the insert would have the caliper mount.
It may still be best to include a brace between the stays? PMW website shows that.
This could also result in a slightly longer chainstay, and perhaps switching to 650b would make sense.
I downloaded the STEP files for the hooded DS1001 and flat DS1004 and printed them 1:1. I'll compare them to existing bike and perhaps that'll disqualify the idea right away.

Anyway. Any thoughts or cautionary tales will be much appreciated.
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