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Hi Guys,
I'm hoping one of you can help me make a decision. I've got a '96 Specialized Ground Control with the odd rear triangle design. Here's a thread about it:

Here's my dilemma. I'm not a serious mountain biker, but I like to ride 6-8 times a month. I tend to stick to mild singletrack, fire roads, and rail trails, and would rather go fast than big. I already picked up a Marzocchi bomber x-fly 80 in perfect condition to replace the quadra 21, but I'm stuck on the rear shock. FYI, it's a crappy RST/Specialized that by consensus is complete garbage and will never work for more than a few weeks even after a rebuild. After mucho research it appears that a Risse Genesis is the only mass produced replacement.

I just want the most bang for my buck, so I'm wondering if it's worth laying out the $200 for a genesis to make the most of the suspension available on this frame, or if I should spend the $200 on a hardtail frame, move the XT components and the Marzocchi over to it, and sell the Specialized for whatever I can get. It seems like the $200 will get a decent used hardtail off ebay or craigslist, or a new one from Leader.

Any advice? And yeah, I know I'm cheap:thumbsup:
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